From importer of ready-to-use products to a producer of delicious dishes: the great technology of Omas will allow the customer an unrivalled quantum leap!

Once again Omas Industries is selected for its excellent role in the milling area for the construction of one of the most important Agriculture plants in Angola.  It is an outstanding food group importer of ready-to-use products which has become a producer due to the constant increase of duties.

The food network, designed to satisfy this need, will be in the southern area of the African country, it will consist of a milling plant of 600 ton/24h for food flours and pasta production.


Needs of the customer

The project commissioned by the customer is large and extremely challenging, with specific requirements:

  • How to produce the following: durum wheat pasta, delicious cookies for breakfast, flour for French baguettes or English bread for sandwiches?

  • How to reduce cost and time for building foundations and piling?

  • How to ensure the lowest production cost for the coming years?


The technological and innovative response of Omas

The structure will satisfy the diversify production requirement and it will be a single milling plant equipped with the "FLEXY MILL" technology. 

It means that the roller mills are equipped with variable speed grinding rolls, a technology able to modify the cutting action of the machines depending on needs. Thanks to the flexy mill it is possible to grind different cereals and obtain products with distinct characteristics for making pasta, biscuits and bread.

Among with the construction of the milling plant, Omas will proceed to construct a new building according to the "Economy in Building Design" criteria. It has the aim of 25% reduction in manufacturing volumes, reducing the costs of piling and foundation.

Finally, the milling plant will be a technological model not only for Africa: it will be equipped with OKS technology (Omas Kers System). It is a hybrid engine and generator system that allows recovering the energy unused in grinding, reducing o25% plant energy consumption.

It is a great success in an African country, where Omas Industries already plays a leading role with the installation of four new plants, thanks to open-mind customers, that can be defined "quality-oriented".       

The commissioning of the mill, equipped with automation and packaging, is scheduled for July 2021

Country Angola
Project profile Construction of milling plant
Plant capacity 600ton / 24h
Plant plus The customer is a dominant importer of pasta, biscuits and bread flours, with more than 30 years activity on the Angolan market. He has decided to become a producer itself due to the increasing import duties.


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