France: Italian technology back on the top of Europe

900 TPD mill for high quality and innovative flours

Omas was chosen by Moulins Soufflet – Invivo Group for the new 4.0 mill recently inaugurated in Corbeil – Essonnes, Paris, France.

The project, started in 2017, has suffered delays due to Covid-19 but it has not stopped Omas from completing in excellent way the project, reaching brilliantly the results demanded in terms of energy consumption, flour extraction and plant efficiency. The final result exceeded the customers' expectations regarding the purity of flour to protect the health of consumers.

The new mill rises inside a new building of 5 floors, along the banks of the Seine and is equipped with the most cutting edges Omas technologies including:

DD: Direct Drive, provides for the direct coupling of permanent magnet motors to all grinding cylinders, grain brushes, bran brushes, flour brushes, as well as all planisfters.  The Direct Drive reduces maintenance costs, accidental breakages, increases the energy efficiency of the plant and reduces the assembly time of the machines.

Flexy Mill: Thanks to the ability to adjust the speed of each individual machine we created the FLEXY mill, an adaptive mill able to produce grinding recipes optimized for every type of raw material and every type of flour. This improvement in regulation has allowed us to extract a greater amount of flour than the contract. This also results in the possibility of producing many types of flour in a few simple steps. An adaptive Flexy Mill, not bound to the classic way of grinding at fixed speeds, for very high grinding performance.

The mill has been designed without edges and closed and sealed profiles, to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and food hygiene. Suitable materials have been used to prevent alterations and contamination of food, following the stringent MOCA regulations.

KERS: Kinematic Energy Recovery System, Omas world patent that allows to recover the kinetic energy of the rollers that is not used to grind flour and transform it into electricity to further reduce electricity consumption.

OPS: Omas Pressure System which allows the measurement of the kilograms of pressure on the right side and on the left side of the grinding rollers, launched by OMAS in 2015. This innovation allows to give, even to the less experienced operator, a clear indication of the pressure to be exerted on the mills for each type of wheat and each type of flour.

ODS: Omas Drive System which allows to automatically replicate all the adjustments of the parameters of the grinding recipes, such as the intensity of the sieving, distance between the rollers and more, to work in automatic and replicable mode.

Stabilizzazione dell’aria: a process air management system of the highly engineered mill, which thanks to pressure and humidity sensors always keeps the internal environmental conditions constant and recovers the residual heat of the exhausted air to preheat the cold air of the winter months.

Wheat Sterilizer: Giotto is the efficient scrubber for wet wheat, which with a reduced consumption removes part of the wheat peel reducing the amount of ash of the raw material. It also eliminates organic impurities such as bacteria and mycotoxins, among all we mention the DON, responsible for intolerances and allergies in the most sensitive consumers.

In addition to technologies, the mill has been designed following two key principles:

Sustainability: a mill that produces more flour for the same raw material, reducing production costs and energy waste to fully embrace the philosophy of the Invivo group.

Collaboration: the Omas technical office has actively collaborated with the engineering firm Cabinet Bourbon, charged by the customer to convey all the needs in terms of safety in the workplace, quality of flour, French regulations and civil works.

The customer is extremely satisfied with the energy performance that, in addition to reducing electricity consumption, reduce the ecological impact of the production complex, making Moulins Soufflet a precursor in the energy efficiency of mills, in favour of an agricultural sector increasingly respectful and attentive to environmental issues.


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