Design milling plant

We support the customer from the preliminary stage to the detailed engineering up to the assembly and testing phase, to offer turnkey systems and cutting-edge solutions.

We are aware of the increasingly important role that the milling industry will play in the future of world food and we care about eco-sustainability. For this reason it is innovation that inspires our choices every day and that guides us to change the rules, to experiment, to continually improve ourselves.   Every day we invest in R&D to offer increasingly advanced solutions, oriented to energy saving, automation, reduction of maintenance and at the same time increase of security, maximum production flexibility.

Progettazione  di impianti
Progettazione  di impianti
Progettazione  di impianti
Progettazione  di impianti

Our service is tailored to every specific need.

From the supply of single machine to the creation of turnkey plants and systems, all over the world. Because we want to people to know that we are reliable partners with the right solution to every problem.

Progettazione  di impianti

Our case history

Omas leading role in the international market.

Our products have conquered the International market. The strong investments in the research field, our sight always set towards the future and the attention to the new technology, have allowed us to get an important space in the market.
Our international visibility is due to our strong commitment and passion we put on the projects in order to fulfill them and find out the right solution for every need.


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