Automation & Control


Project Engineering

The plant department provides a turnkey project, starting from your request for the delivery of a tailored milling plant that best reflects your requirements. Design experience acquired in over 25 years and more than 100 countries worldwide enables us to operate with flexibility, speed and professionalism on a global scale.                                                   
In addition to the design and construction of highly technological mills for the grinding of cereals, we are also a reference point for clients looking to modernise production lines or improve an existing plant, to maintain a competitive edge on a rapidly expanding market. 
We prepare and manage projects in detail, from the preliminary to the executive phase. We analyse contracts and technical specifications, developing project drawing following flow charts; we carry out work site visits, coordinate activities with the end Client and various external suppliers during project development.
We operate in accordance with the principles of energy optimisation, process automation and layout harmony, with the construction of plants that also ensure operator well-being, creating a safe and liveable environment with highly efficient milling lines.

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6M € of investments in R&D in the last 5 years

6M € of investments in R&D in the last 5 years
6M € of investments in R&D in the last 5 years
6M € of investments in R&D in the last 5 years

35,000 Tons of processed product every day from our plants throughout the world

Electrical Engineering

The electrics department delivers a comprehensive engineering service that is integrated in company management processes.
Main activities executed include the preliminary sizing of electric loads in the plant, power consumption and heat dissipation calculations. 
We also develop detailed electrical engineering internally or even externally if necessary, using the best and latest planning tools (e.g. Eplan). We produce equipment lists, wiring diagrams, material lists, and installation engineering plans, including assembly layouts, wiring lists and everything required for optimally efficient installation.
At our R&D area we provide detailed testing and interventions at our client's facilities, supporting them during installation phases and commissioning.
Our comprehensive service also includes quotes that are as accurate as possible during the preliminary offer phase. 

+500 Leonardo mills in the world since 2015

+500 Leonardo mills in the world since 2015
+500 Leonardo mills in the world since 2015

Automation and Control Engineering

Our software development team designs and develops automation and control architectures for its own machines, based on the most modern PLCs and embedded PCs, in compliance with requested safety parameters.
The innovative principles of Innovative UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) are used to create man-machine interfaces to improve the operator's machine interaction experience.
Thanks to the technical capacities and knowledge acquired over the years, Omas provides its Clients with an engineering automation development service, starting from functional and operating criteria requested for the plant to produce logics on PLC controllers that are programmable for the management of plant sequence control and command.
The SCADA "OMAS DA VINCI" supervision and control system ensures operators can monitor production processes in real time, collect information, execute analyses and make operative decisions, while also managing and controlling every single machine in the plant. Through integration with other industrial automation systems, such as programmable automation (PLC) and production control (MES), we provide Clients with even more precise and accurate control of the entire production process.

Our case history

Our products have conquered the International market. The strong investments in the research field, our sight always set towards the future and the attention to the new technology, have allowed us to get an important space in the market.
Our international visibility is due to our strong commitment and passion we put on the projects in order to fulfill them and find out the right solution for every need.