Omas was founded in 1966 with the aim of becoming one of the world leaders in the milling industry.
The growth in the years to come is driven by significant investments in R&D
thanks to which the company is able to develop high-tech flour milling machines and cutting-edge "turn key" plants.

Omas' present focuses on the customer, who is followed by A to Z

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From the conception of the plant to the final realization: the projects are tailored to every specific need. Today, Omas boasts worldwide operating plants and is recognized as a reliable partner that can provide the best solution to any problem.


We have a highly trained staff, with many years of experience on their background, specialized in TIG and MIG welding, brushing, polishing, tack welding and assembly. The experienced staff and the support of the well-advanced equipment have made Omix a point of reference for all those companies which are seeking for a serious and reliable supplier.

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Omas Steel division is staffed by highly skilled and specialized technicians with many years of experience in the mechanical sector. The qualified staff uses cutting-edge instruments and tools to implement the ideas of our R&D, using innovative and practical solutions, giving the right shape to the matter, always according to the best possible performance and efficient use.

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Our history

At the heart of Omas is an incredible ability to invent the future. With this spirit and a great passion for innovation, Adriano Nalon founded Officina Macchine Agricole Specializzate.

The first milling plant with a production of 15 tonnes per day was built.

Omas presents Evolution, a revolutionary rolling mill for its time.

The unique Galileo plansifter with its fully removable aluminium frames was patented. At the same time, the Omas sales network was expanded.

The Flexy Mill concept was brought to life with the Leonardo Rolling Mill patent.

The new Omas headquarters was inaugurated: 11,000 square metres in Arsego, a town on the outskirts of Padua where our story began.








For Omas employees safety is:


Be recognized a proactive attitude, a good idea that brings improvements, even small, Security in everyday life


Being able to share important health and safety choices


Working with ergonomic equipment


Working in a clean and tidy environment


Knowing that someone corrects me if I commit unsafe actions


Working in a comfortable environment


Being in a position to decide not to carry out activities that we consider to be dangerous


Knowing how to move in emergency situations


Working in a positive climate


Be up to date on legal requirements


Assisting/correcting a colleague when carrying out a dangerous task


Receive adequate support/medical check-up, depending on the duties


Taking a proactive approach to improving safety performance


In the event of a problem, not to seek fault but the cause


Never be satisfied with results, always seek improvement


Cooperate with colleagues across different departments/offices, to reduce stress


Be aware of the risks of your job


Working with safe equipment and machines


Be protected as much as possible even in moments of possible distraction


Being able to focus on current business without particular risk concerns


Be active members of a team of competent and security-conscious people


Being heard when Security issues arise


Reduce risks as much as possible, if possible, eliminate them


Safe working conditions and healthy working environment


Feeling safe while walking around the departments

Omas committment

We support Città della Speranza and together with them we dream of a world free from paediatric diseases.

About us


Since 1966 we have been creating flour milling machines and designing complete and innovative milling plant. We are increasingly determined by our desire to create the intelligent mill concept.


Energy saving, low environmental impact, reduced maintenance time and costs, optimisation of plant space, high performance. Omas milling plants are designed to be sustainable.


We combine research and development with Italianmade ingenuity and active listening to each customer. The result is milling plants designed in minute detail, using innovative, simple and intuitive.


We accompany the customer from the start, through detailed engineering, to the assembly and testing of the turnkey plant. While we create the right plant for your needs, we apply extremely dynamic concepts.


We test new technologies, combining them with know-how acquired over time and adapting them to production requirements to improve the performance of your mill. Working towards this result is what we mean by being flexible.


Our job does not end with the simple sale. Thanks to the efficiency and high competence of our team, all of our departments are at your disposal, including planning to after-sales. This is how we become a reliable partner


For us, being part of the change means seizing the opportunities of innovation on the market and in technology. And act. Because, together with you, we want to write a new chapter in the art of milling. Reinventing the mill is not for everyone: it is the bread for the ambitious.