Ag Com has chosen Leonardo for its new milling plant: the first to install the cutting-edge roller mill by Omas

Omas continues to conquer the US market. In fact a new milling plant is currently being built in New Oxford, Pennsylvania, in conjunction with American agency Bratney Companies, which has been successfully partnering Omas for a couple of years now.

The aim of the partnership between Omas and Bratney Companies is to provide customers with systems based on high-tech, cutting-edge products, customised installation, and cost-effective and at the same time, top-quality solutions for maximum mill performance. 

The main focus of this installation is Ag Com, Inc., a large company headquartered in New Oxford, which needed to design and install cutting-edge equipment inside its milling plant.

Ag Com will be the first US mill to add the Leonard roller mill, in its own milling plant, to acquire top-flight innovation and increasingly more refined and precision milling results.

We would like to say, once again, that the Leonardo roller mill from Omas, can offer energy savings of up to 70% to a milling plant, which was a determining factor in Ag Com’s choice of this product.

The new plant will be working alongside a wooden mill built in the early 20th century and which reaches a capacity of 50 TPD. Thanks to Omas technology, the new system will reach 160 TPD, which can be expanded to 300.

The work on the new mill started last April with the commencement of building works, and they are scheduled for completion in October. From next November, our Technical Supervisior, Antonio Lagreca will be a constant figure overseeing the assembly and installation processes for the machinery.

This new, state-of-the art, futuristic plant, in perfect Omas style, is scheduled for February 2019.

Client Ag Com, Inc.
Country New Oxford, Pennsylvania
Project profile New mill
Plant plus Ag Com will be the first mill in the United States to add the Leonardo roller mill to its milling system. It is a completely new plant that will be working alongside a wooden mill, built at the start of the 20th century and which had a capacity of 50 TPD. The new mill will allow the plant to reach 160 TPD and this can be expanded to 300 TPD.
Date works commence April 2018
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