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• 28 July 2017 •

Omas technologies working for the Iranian milling industry

It was with great pleasure that last May we were able to welcome an exceptional guest, Mr Mortazavi, Board Director of the “Federation of Iranian Food Industry” as well as President of the “Iran Flour Millers Association”.

During his three-day visit, we were able to show him the new technologies developed by Omas Industries, with a special focus on the revolutionary concept of the Leonardo S roller mill and the Giotto wheat steriliser.

The visit was an excellent one, from both technical and human viewpoints. We looked at probable future scenarios for the Iranian milling industry, together with the technical need to develop new processes that will make milling plants in Iran more efficient and effective, with the aim of:

  • reducing energy consumption per ton.
  • increasing flour quality, removing contaminants and impurities from industrial farming.

Omas Industries is placing its own technologies, Leonardo S and Giotto, at the service of these large-scale objectives.

The Leonardo roller mill that is revolutionising the way we see milling, brings with it a wealth of technical, energy, economic, fiscal and safety advantages, like no other roller mill in the world.

The benefits are both evident and tangible, and cannot be equalled by a roller mill with belt traction. Specifically, we can point to:

  • Energy consumption cut by up to 77 % on the same passages using a traditional machine.
  • Possibility to vary the speed of every single grinding roller, making it possible to construct different milling technologies with different types of grain.
  • Possibility to install in a building with one less floor compared to traditional belt drives.
  • Possibility to change the revolution speed of the feed rollers, bringing them into synch with the required capacity.
  • Drastic reduction in maintenance.
  • Drastic reduction in noise.
  • Increased safety in the workplace, thanks to the elimination of all kinematics that are often the cause of injuries.

The Giotto wheat steriliser, on the other hand, is an effective work tool when it comes to cleaning grain. Its special rounded work tools and abrasive surface remove a variable percentage of bran, from 0.2 to 0.8%.

Giotto allows the technologist to adjust the grain processing times inside the rotor. A simple PLC control interface allows the operator to manage a pneumatic guillotine that adjusts the output surface for the grain and therefore, the time it spends inside the abrasive rotor.

Giotto will not ruin raw materials thanks to its delicate surface action! The results consist of reduced:

  • agrochemical use in general
  • fungi
  • bacteria
  • pesticides
  • Ash
  • CBT

Again, we would like to extend special thanks to Mr. Mortazavi and to our Regional Sales Manager, Mr. Mhertas.


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