Angola: Leonardo roller mill will allow to produce 50ton/24h of Fuba

The milling plant, scheduled for completion by 2020, will complete the production line of an agro-industrial center in the province of Lobito. The Leonardo technology knows no boundaries.

There’s a new milling plant under construction with Omas Industries equipment. Leonardo, the Omas roller mill allows to save up to the 70% of energy of the plant.

The milling plant will be installed in Angola for producing “Fuba”,  a semi-whole maize fine flour,  a staple part of the Angolan food and fundamental in the traditional country’s cooking. It is so widespread and used by the population that could be compared  to the Italian “Fioretto” maize.

The milling plant, that has been commissioned in January 2019 by a maize producer and owner of an important storage and seeds selection site, includes the Leonardo double roller mill equipped with traditional motors, by guaranteeing a daily production of 50 ton.    

The milling plant will complete the company production line of the agro-industrial center located in the province of Lobito, by assigning an important value to the cereal produced. Moreover, it will guarantee the final product distribution also in the hilly rural area located in the surrounding lands.

The brown-field Angolan plant will be completed by 2020 and it will be characterized by a compact design and easy to manage thanks to Omas sophisticated and innovative technologies.

Our Regional Sales Manager, who signed the contract with the Angolan company, proudly affirmed : “The milling revolution of Omas industries started in 2015 and now it’s present all over the world. We are proud to give our first technological contribution even in the African countries that, in some cases, are approaching for the first time such advanced technologies for the flour production, which is a fundamental food for the local people”.

Country Angola
Project profile Milling plant for “Fuba” production, which will complete the production chain of an agro-industrial center in the province of Lobito.
Plant capacity 50ton/24h
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