Client: Marsat

Clients’ requests: construction of a 150 TDP corn milling plant, flexible, to produce more than 30 types of grietz, with low maintenance and energy costs, with excellent space rationalization to be located within a building that was a feed mill, leaving areas free for future grain mill.

Proposed solutions: engineering design and grinding diagram that met the customer's requirements

How we made it: technologically advanced machines, degerminators, RPM rolling mills, and stainless steel plansichters.

Key factors that influenced the selection of Omas as the project supplier:

- The mill was built within an existing building. Omas took over, revolutionizing not only the milling concept by introducing its cutting-edge technologies, but also revolutionizing its entire structure by planning a unique design that allowed for maximum rationalization of the pre-existing spaces, while at the same time leaving free space for future projects;

- Economy in building: thanks to direct motorization, the motor plane is eliminated, allowing the plane below the rolling mills to be used;

- Turn key project: in addition to the grinding line, Omas supplied the electrical system, the cleaning and degermination section, and the finished product bagging and packaging lines;

- Omas' consulting service to the client during the preliminary stages of the project up to the start-up of the mill.

Case history 

Omas industries, because of its role of excellence in milling, was chosen to build the new Marsat mill in Romania, in the heart of the historical region of Moldova.

The new Marsat S.A. corn line mill is officially opened.

In the construction of the plant, Omas was faced with a compelling challenge that was completely different from those faced before. Not only was the Flexy Mill philosophy realized thanks to the Leonardo mill, which makes it possible to obtain products with different specifications depending on the grinding parameters, but in this case, it was adapted to the entire building. In fact, Omas took over already at the design stage, and managed to make a former feed mill that had been disused for a long time into a sustainable plant, which optimizes space to the fullest and greatly reduces Co2 emissions, thanks to the patented energy regeneration system OKS - Omas Kers System.

Following the customer's requests, with a view to the future and not just the present, the new layout and plant design allowed Omas to rationalize the available space as much as possible, allowing some building space to be left free to implement future projects.

The mill spreads vertically over 10 total floors and has been equipped with the most innovative Omas machinery including the Leonardo Roller Mills, the flagship of our technology, equipped with Torque motors that allow energy savings of up to 15kw/ton; completing the mill are the 8-channel Plansifter Galileo with Dew Point Free technology, impact degerminators to separate the germ from the caryopsis, thermo-pneumatic, conical gauges, and raw material cleaning machines.

Specialized packaging and wrapping machinery for the finished product, intended for sale in the large-scale retail and HO.RE.CA sectors, has also been installed in the plant.

The plant will be operated automatically by an electrical system equipped with a supervisor and Scada operation software to collect the necessary information to control the yields and energy consumption of the various working sections in order to allow an optimization of the process.

All the phases, which led to the installation of the milling plant today, have seen the commitment of Omas' best technicians, who have been involved by providing a 360° assistance service both on site and remotely.

Client Marsat
Country Romania
Project profile Turn key milling plant
Plant capacity 150/24h
Plant plus Flexy Mill, Dew Point Free, Economy in Building Layoutl, Omas Kers System
ANGOLA: Omas Flexy Mill is the heart of Luanda’s largest food complex