Mehrtash Ghaziani is the new Omas Industries regional sales manager for Pakistan and Afghanistan countries

• 29 April 2021 •

Omas is Flexy

#Omasisflexy is the new communication format that through a series of interviews will unveil the world of Omas, a company from northern Italy that has revolutionized the traditional way of grinding by presenting, in 2014, the Flexy Mill. 
The concept of Flexy Mill is based on a technology that allows to vary the speed of the cylinders of the Leonardo rolling mill in a few seconds, obtaining different products from the same cereal, or allowing to process different types of cereals without changing the grinding diagram. The downtime is reduced to a minimum and the system becomes highly flexible and performing, ready to meet the needs of a rapidly changing market.
An innovation that has set a milestone in the history of milling and that only Omas can boast: is the result of years of research, development and teamwork, obtained thanks to the people who every day put passion and creativity in the daily work. 
But the Flexy Mill is also a much larger project that Omas intends to develop and extend to the entire mill. To better understand what this is all about, let’s give the floor to Luigi Nalon, CEO of Omas, who will give us a taste of the technological future of Omas. 

Enjoy your reading!

Interview with our CEO Luigi Nalon 


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