• 29 April 2021 •


Hello everyone and welcome to this first episode of #omasisflexy. I am Luigi Nalon CEO of Omas Industries and today I will do the honours, introducing you readers to our world.

Omas is a company that observes. We have always observed what is already present on the market in order to make the difference, by proposing disruptive technologies and new engineering.  And this is still what drives us today: "Milling Revolution" is not just a payoff, but the mantra that every day marks our work, always oriented to offer the best solutions at the service of the milling industry.

Unfortunately, as in many other businesses, the pandemic has slowed down the pace to which we were accustomed, postponing significant orders. This prevented us from achieving the turnover targets for the year; we had a 2020 similar to 2019 in terms of turnover but growing in terms of EBITDA.

Although the health emergency has deterred many potential customers from investing, we have managed to close important contracts that have allowed us to reschedule production and to expect substantial growth throughout 2021. The current order book makes us very optimistic for the future.

Despite everything, we can say this is a positive result, achieved thanks to a great teamwork that led Omas to patent a revolutionary innovation, the Direct Drive (DD) Technology, which applied to the Leonardo Roller Mill offers incredible and tangible advantages for those who have the courage to invest in the future. Our Roller Mill, the beating heart of every mill, allows to adapt the plant to various recipes and processing methods of different types of cereals: a huge advantage if you consider the speed with which nutrition and consumption trends change nowadays.

But Leonardo is just the starting point of a long way ahead, we have hunger for technological development, new products, new services to offer to the customer and new markets to conquer.

A must for us will be the IPACK-IMA fair in Milan, postponed to 2022 due to the pandemic.  We are working hard to present a lot of new machines and engineering on that occasion, this fair will give a further boost to the technological and corporate growth of Omas.

You may be wondering where we’re going, what our ideas are for the future and what our milling plants will be like. Quite simply, our will is to make complex things simple: that’s why we believe in technology to improve the quality of work and make the milling plants more efficient and effective in pursuing business results.

The milling plants that Omas offers are the result of the expertise that every single person that work with us gained in years and years of work on field.

With them we are building an idea of a smart milling plant: a 360 º Flexy Mill managed in a simple, practical, fast, dynamic way that will have to adapt to the different types of raw materials and product output desired.  The technologists and millers will always remain the key figures in the milling industry, but these figures will be supported by effective and efficient systems to make manual operations, more automatic and more intuitive.

In this sense we are focusing a lot on automation for a fluidification and flexibility of processes: plant management software will have to evolve and effectively help human work. They will have to manage the entire milling complex and at the same time the single machine that composes the plant. 

We worked first to make the machines smart and easy to use, Leonardo is the main case and starting point; in the coming years we will work on the simplification of software: our R&D is assiduously engaged in the vertical development of technologies.

We will be offering within the next year six new machines with artificial intelligence, which will allow us to perfect the concept of Flexy Mill, like no other in the world can do. From now on flexibility will no longer be a characteristic, but more radically a constructive technique, inherent in the DNA of Omas.


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