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• 23 November 2016 •

“The art of milling”, the new blog by Omas is online

Thanks to over 50 years’ experience in the industry, OMAS enjoys an important view from the top of the milling panorama.

And it is for this reason that the staff at OMAS will be sharing their viewpoints that have brought the company to its leadership position, in a new blog entitled "THE ART OF MILLING". 

 “In the last few years, our company has made important steps forward in this industry.With the patent and development of Leonardo, we have gained more loyalty and credibility, making us one of the most important companies in the industry,” explained Luigi Nalon, CEO of OMAS.

“So for our Blog I wanted  a name to reflect this excellence. With the launch of THE ART OF MILLING, we want to share our opinions on subjects you find important and it is my hope that this Blog will be a point of reference for all trade professionals in this industry”.

The opening post of the Blog will be talking about “Safety in milling systems”, a subject often dealt with by Omas and for which we have found some important plant solutions to guarantee a reduction in incidents caused by failure to comply with basic rules in the design and construction of milling plants.

“At OMAS, I have the great privilege of being able to work with extremely talented, expert professionals and this blog will also include their opinions, and together, we will be creating useful, professional posts, continues Nalon.


Happy reading!


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