• 10 October 2016 •

New Omas Industries systems throughout North America: an agreement has been signed with giant, Bratney Companies

Omas will be installing new milling plants in the United States and Canada, where it will be bringing the excellence “Made in Italy” of its products. Omas has in fact signed an important agreement with Bratney Companies, which will see the two companies working together on the design, building and execution, and after-sales assistance of numerous new milling systems.

A visit by Bratney’s directors to Omas’ headquarters in Arsego was enough to lay the foundations for this partnership. In fact, a visit to the production plant, the efficiency, organization and the “hands-on experience” of the cutting-edge technology of Omas’ products, led the US giant to grant exclusive execution of the plants they design.

But it was above all the roller mill, Leonardo that won over the Americans. In fact, they saw that this is the only roller mill in the world able to guarantee energy savings of up to 70%, thanks to the cutting-edge KERS technology that the design engineers from Omas have applied to the milling industry.


"The synergy that has been created between Bratney Companies and Omas Industries is perfect,” said Luigi Nalon, CEO of OMAS Industries. “This partnership will offer US clients who want to develop cost-efficient, cutting-edge grinding processes, the utmost in terms of expertise when it comes to engineering, equipment, installation, and after-sales care. Both companies are able to offer unique services to the milling industry ".

Bratney is a US company headquartered in Des Moines, Ohio and for over 50 years, it has been working in the agrifood industry, in the field of design, complete with execution of the building works for plants, after-sales care, and packaging of the finished product. With over 200 employees and a turnover in excess of 100 million euros, it is the most important US company in its field.

This historic agreement between Omas and Bratney will allow clients to enjoy an even more complete range of high-efficiency machinery. To date, Bratney had left it to the mill owner to contact the manufacturer directly for the installation of roller mills and all grinding machinery. Now, however, thanks to the excellence of Omas, clients who work with Bratney will be able to make use of an exclusive service that will see the creation of a milling plant from A to Z, from design through to the packaging of the finished product.


“We are pleased to be able to meet these different demands and to expand our business in the milling industry by combining our skills in engineering, delivery, sales and after-sales with the cutting-edge machinery by Omas, all completely Made in Italy,” said Peter Bratney, President of Bratney Companies.

An historic agreement then, in the milling world, and one that will see the spread of the excellence of Omas products throughout North America.