• 27 December 2017 •

Omas Industries: success and excellent development opportunities on the South American market

From mid-October and all through November, Omas took its technological innovations to important markets in Latin America, taking part in dedicated milling industry events and also visiting specific customers.

Attendance at Abitrigo in Campinas, Brazil (22-24 October) has generated great interest in the tech innovations of the Leonardo roller mill and its applications in terms of versatile power extraction and saving/regeneration. In a marketplace where the cost of electricity has a notable effect on operating margins, Leonardo was immediately seen as the ideal solution to safeguard profit margins and operating costs.

There was even notable interest in the Giotto wheat steriliser and the Galileo plansifter: both machines are in fact orientated towards safeguarding and purifying finished products to obtain decontaminated flours.

The event concluded with the signing of an installation contract for a Leonardo roller mill, for one of the most important milling plants in Brazil, Gruppo Molinero Ocrim, located in Jaguarè - Sao Paolo, with prospects for the development of a new project for a mill of notable size, with full OMAS technology.

Business then moved to Colombia, where OMAS’ attendance at Andinapack brought with it new and interesting contacts, confirming our presence in the country, thanks to new demand from acquired customers and/or customers we know already, for renovations, expansions and new plants and systems.

We should also point out the excellent job done in the area by the staff at Colsein, who is promoting our company and our technology by introducing them personally, customer by customer, during the visits of different production sites.

Our next port of call was a mature market, in Chile, which only served to confirm Omas’ potential, and resulted in the definition of existing offers and new projects.

An essential part of this was the sheer hard work and dedication of our agent in Chile, Juan Zolezzi, who is well respected and well known in the marketplace thanks to his nearly thirty years of experience.

We ended November at ALIM, the annual meeting of Latin American millers, held in Cartagena, Colombia. An excellent opportunity to remind businesses of the increasing attention that Omas dedicates to its own innovative technologies.