Faribon 600 / Milling

Faribon 600

FARIBON F600P is a professional mill for grinding dry cereals, which has the same features as an extremely simple and functional household appliance.

FARIBON F600P is able to separate, in a single passage, a large part of the bran from the flour, thus obtaining a ready-to-use product that fully preserves all nutrients. It is ideal for obtaining flour for pasta, pastries, bread, polenta, and many other dishes as well.


  • Hourly production: 25-50 kg/h;
  • Pair of tempered and ground steel conical mill grinders, with adjustable distance, which allow minimal maintenance and maximum functionality over time;
  • The entire structure is made of epoxy powder coated steel suitable for food contact;
  • Servo ventilated motor: the assisted ventilation system has an extra fan, allowing long running times without interruption;
  • Ammeter: monitors the machine load and keeps the grinding intensity under control in order to ensure repeatability of the settings and of the product obtained;
  • The structure is highly robust and reliable.

Available in two versions: single-phase HP 3 kW 2,2 and three-phase HP 4 kW 3.

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Faribon 600


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