Machine designed for the removal of fine and coarse impurities from cereal caryopses by sifting action. Exceptional structure, robust and engineered at the same time to support stress from motion vibrators installed in the side, which impress strong changes of direction. Special welding with magnesium-tungsten backfill, avoids structural cracks forming. Used to eliminate larger and finer kernel impurities by sieving.

Machine consisting of:

  • vibrating structure supported by elastic shock-absorbing elements, containing the sifting body with two rows of sieves pairs;
  • self-adjusting grain feed gate;
  • self-cleaning of the sieve covers by means of rubber balls
  • transparent Plexiglas panels for checking the cereal strata.

Machine complete with:

  • sleeves for connection with the discharge hopper
  • top overtails outlet with grading screen
  • discharge hopper

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