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Country Chicago, United States
Project profile Milling section
Plant plus US mill chooses Omas to create its new milling line. The milling section is complete with the main machines to be equipped with the latest technologies. The group of Leonardo Roller Mills installed in single and double versions will bring notable savings to the whole milling plant in terms of energy and maintenance. The Galileo Plansifters, thanks to their insulated stainless steel sides, guarantee the contamination-free production of flour as well as cutting condensation inside to prevent dew point formation. The Michelangelo Purifier, complete with even air circulation system guarantees top-level performance in the selection of flour.
Date works commence 2018
Molino Favero

Molino Favero

Client Molino Favero
Country Padua, Italy
Project profile Milling section
Plant plus The new milling section for corn- and other cereal-based reconstituted products now includes LEONARDO roller mills with independent roller speed variation and milling configurations, plus “KERS” technology for a reduction in power consumption of up to 50%. The milling line is completed with a stainless steel GALILEO plansifter to sift the wet-milled products, and with assembly accessories.
Date works commence 2017
Client E B Bradshaw & Sons
Country Driffield, East Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM
Project profile NEW MILLING PLANT
Plant plus Designed following the revolutionary “building economy” concept thanks to Leonardo S KERS technology and the wheat sterilizer Giotto
Date works commence December 2016
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Client Master Grain Milling
Country Uganda
Project profile Second mill
Plant capacity 300T/24H
Plant plus Designed according to the innovative “Building Economy” technology
Date works commence March 2016
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Country Mauritania
Project profile Mill construction
Plant capacity 150 TPD
Plant plus First integrated food hub consisting of cereal storage, milling plant and pasta factory.
Date works commence August 2015
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