Where our ideas take form
in the best manner.

Our technical specialization is of the highest level because the team at Omas has lengthy professional experience in the industry of milling plants, thus they have an in-depth knowledge of the materials and techniques, and they make use of sophisticated equipment and these competences allow us to achieve top level results.

Even the smallest error does not escape undetected.


We give shape to ideas to ideas.

The Omas Production department is made up of highly specialized technicians with many years of experience in the mechanical sector.

The qualified staff uses cutting-edge instruments and tools to implement the ideas of our R&D, using innovative and practical solutions, giving the right shape to the matter,

always according to the best possible performance and efficient use.

Research & Development

Our attitude in looking for what is peculiar

We seek the perfection in every project, making use of our experience and organization.
Our continuous attention to details and the continuous supervision of every working phase, allow us to guarantee the very best quality to our customers in terms of product, design and service. In our opinion, details make the difference.

In our opinion, details make the difference.

Know How

We put our
technological knowhow at your dIsposal.

High tech is our daily bread.
Our R&D division can boast a series of important innovations that have allowed us to stand out in the marketplace.
Because we have been able to expand by focusing on the best technology in the choice of instruments because our team is formed by professionals who are constantly up-to-date with the developments in our continuously evolving industry.

This is because we like to be at the forefront in everything we do.