Puerto Rico: a new150 tons/day milling system

Omas has implemented an important milling system for Pan American Grain, a Puerto Rican company, leader in the production of snacks, coffee and rice

In 2014, the Puerto Rican group, Pan American Grain, leader in the production of rice, coffee and snacks, chose Omas to design and implement a milling system that could reach 150 tons/day of soft wheat, used in its internal production of snacks.

Following numerous visits, Omas carefully assessed the existing building. This enabled it to find a technical solution that could fully satisfy the client’s requests and needs without special invasive changes to the building.

Thanks to the excellent work of the technical supervisors of Omas and the Project Leader of Pan American Grain, Gustavo Lejardi, the project was finalised in July 2016.

The high-level efficiency of machines installed, rigorously “Made in Italy”, have enabled Pan American Grain to ensure itself top quality flours and a production that satisfies plant capacity: Omas has amply achieved the target with full customer satisfaction.

Considering the excellent results achieved with the first plant, Pan American Grain is considering  doubling capacity immediately and Omas has started the initial study to implement that expansion.

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