Omas engineered a 300TPD milling plant for Master Grain Milling

In March 2016, Omas Industries extended the Master Grain Milling plant in Jinjia, Uganda.

The new mill, with a production capacity of 300 TPD, has been built alongside the old Golfetto mill, completed in 2000, and has been equipped with the leading-edge technologies available nowadays for the milling industry.

The plant has been installed in a new construction, following the building economy standards, reducing then the number of levels, construction volume, total building and foundation weight by 20%.

The new plant counts with 2 cone-bottom silos with mixer and a capacity of 500 tons each, equipped with grain flow metering devices.

The grain cleaning includes a Giotto wheat sterilizer to optimize wheat conditioning, as it removes the waterproof cellulose outer layers. This process, entirely developed by Omas, eliminates the surface of the caryopsis, stripping away any type of inorganic (soil, sand, metals, ash, etc.) and organic impurity (bacteria, fungi, mould, mycotoxins, etc.). The grain undergoes an abrasion process to remove the cellulose and lignin layers that form the waterproof outer of the wheat grain.

In this way, the conditioning water can penetrate up to 30% more quickly and can also reach deep into the vitreous starchy kernel for easier milling but also much lower technological H2O evaporation that is not subject to the temperature and humidity in the air outside. The result is higher yields and reduced cleaning for plansifter channels and filter bags.

Thanks to the 5-8 % reduction in ash content, it is also be possible to extract 0.5-1% more white flour.

The milling section is completed with a Leonardo roller mill that uses cutting-edge KERS technology, patented by Omas.

This technology offers the following advantages:

  • 50% reduction in power input to the rollers.

  • Grain milling according to recipes stored in the mill to make different flours.

  • Mill Remote Tuning for remote control of milling settings.

  • Reduced noise levels in the roller mill room to 75-80 dB. 

No transmission belts and no preventive maintenance needed for transmission parts. The milling plant, which will have full Wi-Fi network coverage, can be managed from tablets, fully controlled by PLC with Omas software and completed by a system to control milling performance, energy consumption, and preventive maintenance.

An important milestone for Omas Industries.

Client Master Grain Milling
Country Uganda
Project profile Second mill
Plant capacity 300T/24H
Plant plus Designed according to the innovative “Building Economy” technology
USA: New milling line for Agricultural Commodities


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