Omas in Kazakhstan: the Euro-Asian area’s most advanced mill delivered at the end of 2018

OMAS has successfully started up the most cutting-edge milling system for soft and hard wheat in Atyrau, major Caspian Sea port, known throughout the world for its large hydrocarbon deposits

Omas recently completed a new and revolutionary project in Kazakhstan. This is a mill that has been inserted into a private project for the creation of the first integrated food hub, consisting of grain storage, milling plant, and production lines for pasta, bread and biscuits.

The industrial hub, for a value of over 50 million euros, is a model of vertical integration of the production process, which has seen the synergy of the world’s major leading companies in specific sectors.

It is an integrated supply chain project for making FLOUR, PASTA and BISCUITS starting from the wheat, with the aim of guaranteeing the management of each single stage in the process to guarantee maximum quality and constancy of the finished product to the benefit of consumers while ensuring minimum production costs.

OMAS has been entrusted with this turnkey project to create the “GREEN FIELD” plant for cereal reception and storage; and the plant for milling and preparing different types of flour, as required by the secondary transformation process.

Omas was chosen as the supplier for the system because it could offer the following advantages:


  1. Technological design that makes it possible to achieve unique performance:
    1. Flour extraction rate of 78-80%;
    2. Production of flour for baking, with a starch damage rate of 30-35% (Farrand unit);
    3. Production of flour for pasta, with the ideal colour and flavour, and very low starch damage rate of 9-15%.

This flexibility was achieved thanks to the LEONARDO roller mill, which can use different milling recipes by changing roller speed. Omas is the only company in the world able to implement this technology, which makes it possible to make flour with different baking characteristics.

  1. Plant design that, thanks to the “ECONOMY IN BUILDING LAYOUT”, has allowed Omas to create a building 25% smaller than those of any other suppliers. This in turn made it possible to reduce foundation and building costs, but above all, the building was completed in far less time, guaranteeing cutting-edge hygiene, excellent access when it comes to maintenance, and top-level efficiency for plant operation at the same time.


  1. Application of “KERS - Kinematic Energy Regeneration System” cutting-edge technology, an Omas world patent. It recovers unused energy from the rollers for savings of up to 25-30% compared to traditional belt-operated roller mill.

    This technology can cut costs by up to 25% when it comes to power supply costs for the mill, such as the transformer cabin and power factor correction.


  1. Guaranteed 100% Italian construction of all machines, accessories, storage silos, buildings and electrical installation to ensure maximum system efficiency with the lowest running costs.

    This is an Omas philosophy which begins with careful analysis of the T.C.O. - Total Cost of Ownership for mills, calculated over a 5-year running period, which adds cost of building and any production losses caused through downtimes, breakages, drops in efficiency, and maintenance costs the initial investment value. This in-depth analysis carried out by Omas shows how savings on components and construction materials can provide immediate benefits but, at the same time, it can affect the reliability and performance of the system, meaning it is no longer beneficial over the medium term.


  1. The management software of the system is easy to understand and operates on a Microsoft platform. It starts with the incoming grain and ends with loading raw materials into the silos feeding the pasta, bread and biscuit lines, ensuring administrative management and constant production. 

    The plant also has a software package with continued digital control of operating parameters to map operating and consumption curves according to raw material and finished product types. The plant is compliant with European Industry 4.0 regulations.


Special attention has been devoted to the training of plant technical coordinators, who have taken part in specific technology, mechanics and automation courses for the correct management of the mill.

Omas is satisfied for having met the needs of a demanding customer, providing a cutting-edge plant that marks a new global technological standard.

For more information, please contact:

  • Omas Branch Director Mr. Danilo Carloni, Moscow
  • Sales Director Pietro Barbalarga, Italy



Country Kazakistan
Project profile Turn key plant to receive and store grain and to mill and prepare different flour types.
Plant plus Omas was selected to be the supplier of the plant for Kazakhstan’s first integrated food hub, consisting of grain storage, milling plant, and lines for the production of pasta, bread and biscuits. It is an integrated supply chain project to make FLOUR, PASTA and BISCUITS, starting from wheat.
Date works commence July 2016
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