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• 6 September 2019 •

Omas Industries delivers a new plant in Kazakhstan at the end of 2018: it is the first integrated food hub

Another important achievement for Omas Industries which delivered the Euro-Asian area’s most advanced mill at the end of 2018.

The project was aimed to create the first integrated food hub for the production of flour, pasta, and biscuits starting from the grain and with the advantage of managing in the same area every stage of the production process: from milling through to the finished product.

Omas has been chosen as the supplier of the plant, thanks to the tangible benefits offered, was responsible for the creation of:

  • A “GREEN FIELD” system for receiving and storing grain;
  • A milling plant and a plant to prepare the different types of flour, as required by the secondary transformation processes.

Special attention has been devoted to the training of plant technical coordinators, who have taken part in specific technology, mechanics and automation courses for the correct management of the mill.

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