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• 13 June 2019 •

Omas in Russia: a virtuous example five years from its opening

On 17th May, at the prestigious headquarters of Unicredit Bank in Moscow, has been held the conference "RUSSIA: BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES", an international workshop organized by Vicina, International Association for the Internalization of Companies, in cooperation  with the Orders of Chartered Accountants and Expert Bookkeepers from Rome.

During the meeting, that has started with a personal intervention by the Italian Ambassador in Russia Pasquale Terracciano , have been faced many issues of maximum interest for the audience, composed of accountants, financial directors, corporate lawyers and representatives of ICE (Agency for promotion and the internationalization of Italian companies abroad ).

Starting from a general framework about  the Russian economy, during the conference various exponents involved had deeply examined the ways to operate in the Russian Market, in particular regarding a company opening, the Tax authorities and labor law. After that it has been faced the topic of EAC certifications, necessary to import into Russia, and the available tools for the internationalization of companies.

Omas Industries has been invited to participate to bring its own testimony: our Russian OMAS quarters General Director Danilo Carloni has had the opportunity to present and tell about  the experience of Omas in Russia five years after the opening of its foreign branch.

It was a truly unmissable opportunity for Omas which once again has been have the chance to assert his presence and to highlight also its technological advantage in a such complex market!


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