• 28 November 2017 •

OMAS flies to Dubai with its new concept of “Better Living”

OMAS’ new message in Dubai was “Better Living”, a message that attracted a wealth of corporate delegations and specialist visitors.

The need to produce healthier flour, reducing the use of our planet’s resources, is now a necessity in this part of the world, too.

And it is to meet this new need that OMAS has focused its attention on specific, unique machines such as the Giotto steriliser and the Leonardo roller mill.

The presence in wheat of ever larger amounts of increasingly strong herbicides and insecticides, requires the use of specific machinery to clean this grain.

This prevents the substances from passing from the grain to the flour, where they can harm the health of consumers.

The Giotto wheat steriliser uses a cutting-edge process that removes up to 85% of impurities, and has been a great success. This year it will also be used in Iran, Uganda, South Africa and Mauritania.

Leonardo, which has direct traction motors, makes it possible to mill grain while saving 50% electricity compared to traditional belt-driven machines.

This reduced energy consumption means lower flour production costs and also makes it possible to comply with the directives of single countries regarding the reduction of waste to maintain the planet’s resources, which also translates into tax advantages.

The event for OMAS ended with the award of an order for a new milling plant to process 300 TPD for an important food company in the SADEC area in 2018.



OMAS flies to Dubai with its new concept of “Better Living”