• 10 July 2017 •

Omas Industries: more than 2,000 hours of staff training over the last three years

The excellence and quality of the Omas products also stem from the continuous refresher and training courses which the company offers to its employees.

Omas has been part of Fondimpresa, an accredited training institute, for more than 10 years and has always considered keeping its employees updated one of the basic resources for the growth of the company and of the product. The company therefore considers joining the Avvisi di Sistema e Progetti formativi (Training Projects and Notices) system, regulatory and professional refresher courses, one of the cornerstones for its development.

In the month of April alone, Omas organised two training events to expand its staff's knowledge.

A 64-hour refresher course for Solidworks 2017, an upgrade program for personnel in the design and development department, has just ended.

This software in fact allows moving quickly from sketching a component to creating the 3D prototype.

This tool therefore makes the task of the designers faster and simpler, as well as allowing the creation of technical tables, the dimensioning of models and the attainment of detailed drawings, actively participating in drafting all the information required for the design.

Still in April, a meeting was held at the OMAS headquarters with the employees of the group companies and the labour consultant in order to inform everyone of all the novelties envisaged by the renewal of the metalworking and mechanical engineering industry National Labour Collective Agreement and to highlight the positive aspects of the agreement dated 27/02/2017.

Omas invests heavily in R&D, so much so that, in addition to the mandatory safety training, over the past 3 years it has carried out training and updating courses totalling more than 2,000 hours.