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• 2 May 2018 •

“MILLING REVOLUTION DAYS”: South America amazed by the Milling Industry Revolution event organized by Omas & Partners

The “Milling Revolution Days” held at Villa Carlos Paz in Cordoba, from 12 to 15 April, were an unprecedented success, to the great satisfaction of the organizers.

Over 120 participants were at the event, organized by Omas in conjunction with the “Cultura Molinera” magazine and with the patronage of the companies FAVA – IMECO – MULMIX – GPI INDUSTRIES and ASB AUTOMATION, which were able to provide users excellent added value, thanks to the wealth of content presented.

A decisive element consisted of talks by expert speakers such as Diego Cifarelli (President of the Millers’ Association) – Hugo Lupi (milling engineer and professor at the Argentine Villa del Rosario milling school) – Roberto Bernardi (milling engineer and consultant) – Marco Antonio Fava (international milling engineer and professor at the milling faculty at the University of Nicaragua), who discussed current domestic market conditions in Argentina, the latest developments and the need for the industry to renew itself from both a technical and technological point of view.

As already well known and confirmed, the LEONARDO roller mill continues to astound and inspire, placing itself in the spotlight: the fact it can save up to 70% on energy costs, thanks to OKS technology (Omas KERS System) has animated the marketplace and generated great appeal, confirming Leonardo as an essential solution to rising energy costs and to new milling needs. On a market such as in Argentina, which has seen no real movement for the last 20 years, renewal is paramount. 

But even the technical and technological solutions offered by Omas’ illustrious partners wowed all those in the audience. There was a single common theme: “INNOVATION – SIMPLIFICATION – TECHNOLOGY AND ENERGY SAVINGS”.

Simone Malachin, Regional Sales Manager, said: “I would personally like to thank the team at CULTURA MOLINERA and especially, Lucinda Castro Jofre for her excellent work: the organization and coordination required for the success of this event were truly impeccable. I’d also like to thank our partners for their faith in us, and all of the participants who have been here over the last three days. And special thanks go to Omas, represented by Luigi Nalon for supporting, aiding and believing in the feasibility of this project, a challenge that once again, has been a great success”.

Our hope is that this will only be the first step in a long series of opportunities to take the milling revolution throughout the world!


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