Omas starts 2019 with a new production agreement

• 22 May 2017 •


Luigi Nalon is here in person to tell us what this revolution means!

Here at OMAS these last three years have been extremely important. 

The continuing evolution of the world market, food requirements that due to a rapidly increasing world population growth are getting higher day by day, and the need to make products that not only contribute to increasing energy savings but also to improving product quality, mean we are now faced with very important challenges.

It is thanks to this awareness, to the wishes, and to the professional expertise of the people who work at Omas that we have been able to create “LEONARDO”, a cornerstone of the milling industry.

This is a truly unique roller mill, and one that everyone is talking about!

This is a roller mill that was initially met with mistrust on account of the sheer extraordinary level of its performance, but the professionals in the industry who have been able to see it first hand,have confirmed the amazing energy savings of up to 70%!

They have seen the purity of the flour made with our roller mill, appreciating the system’s new processing methods, thanks to the ODS technology created by our technical engineers. 

This is why we are proud that at Omas, we have been able to get this “revolutionary “stage underway.

The Italian excellence that has always allowed us to stand out has revolutionised not only the way in which we work, but also the way in which those who operate the milling systems we have built for them work too.

We have improved the quality of food that is being made with flour milled by Leonardo, contributing, in our own way, to guarantee a better life… for everyone!

That’s how the revolution has begun!


Luigi Nalon

CEO - Omas Industries


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