IAOM 9th Annual Southeast Asia Region Conference & Expo: Omas will be there as Platinum Sponsor & Exhibitor

• 27 December 2017 •

Leonardo has succeeded in Brazil

Thanks to the excellent work of GRUPO IDUGEL, OMAS agents and dealers in Brazil, and to the sheer amount of interest received by LEONARDO during ABITRIGO 2017, an event held in Campinas (SP) at the end of October, OMAS has made its first sale in Brazil. This is a country in which it has been very difficult to gain a foothold, but which has a very mature market with expertise in the milling industry.

Thanks to the tech innovations it can offer, LEONARDO was able to surprise the entire audience, meeting with the full interest of the many players at the event, and winning over an historic business in the Brazilian market - OCRIM, a milling group that has been operating in the country for 100 years, and which is a benchmark for all professionals in the milling field.

Essential aspects for the signing of the agreement were the regenerated power that can be obtained by using KERS technology, offer savings of up to 70% of the machine’s power consumption during the milling process. The new grinding techniques and settings available using OMAS technology, and the possibility to use the fiscal benefits of “INDUSTRY 4.0” that LEONARDO with its technology is able to embrace 100%.

This has been an initial essential step that leads the way for sure success.


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