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The roller mill is one of the main machines in any milling plant. Leonardo incorporates Omas’ technological evolution resulting from the research of our R&D department. This patent-protected machine has revolutionised the milling industry, elevating this art to a higher level where milling performance meets energy savings.

Leonardo is the Omas flagship that thanks to its renewed and patented technology OKS allows to save energy while the direct drive motors can take out of a project a whole floor in of a milling plant so called “economy in building layout” .

The technology behind Leonardo
The unique rollermill revolutionary and extraordinary.

Omas Kers Unit - Energy Saving
OKS – Omas Kers System – allows Leonardo to recover the energy resulting from the motor on the slow cylinder. The fast motor instantly uses this energy, saving energy.
The possibility to manage each grinding cylinder independently, providing only the energy required, makes this application unique.
EN-Economy in building layout

The direct implementation on the cylinders shat allows to simplify the general layout. The advantages of this revolutionary implementation can give an immediate refund of the investment.

EN-Omas Pressure System

Control and measuring system of the pressure between the milling cylinders thanks to the load cells device directly applied to the cylinders actuators system.

EN-Omas Drive System

With the addiction of the brushless motor able to regulate the gap between the rolls the milling plant will set up from a micrometrical point of view the distance between the cylinders.

  • 4-8 horizontal rolls for an aggressive milling performance
  • High energy savings
  • Patented technology OKS – Omas KERS System (Kinetic Energy Recovery System)possibility to recovery energy thanks to the dragging of the slow roll from the fast one
  • Maintenance : time and costs reduced over the 90%
  • Set up of the milling parameters in few seconds from a touch screen with variation of the single speed of each cylinder
  • Possibility to reverse the functions sharp top dull by the inversion of slow roll with fast one and vice versa from touch screen
  • OPS (Omas Pressure System): milling pressure measurement system
  • ODS (Omas Drive System): automatic control system (+/- 0,002mm precision) of the milling axes
  • Elimination of the motorization plan and simplification of the general plant engineering
  • Extreme working safety for the operators since all the kinematics have been eliminated
  • Better living: environmental impact reduced and as per consequence reduction of the CO2
  • Outstanding reliability
  • Motor silence efficiency
  • Wall ducting and diggings are not necessary anymore
  • Easy cleaning of the floor, even under the machine, for excellent environmental hygiene

The perfect milling control!

Automatic Machine with 4-8 rolls for a  for a very accurate grinding of cereals. Machine shell design with differentiated structure made of 3 different types of material:

  • Stainless steel AISI 304 for the surfaces in contact with flours which makes the internal frame completely smooth and free from contaminant materials (ferric oxides);
  • Anodized aluminium profiles that allow to increase the strength of the entire structure. The profiles are treated electrochemically to both facilitate the superficial cleaning and to give a commendable aesthetic; moreover they guarantee a sharp reduction of the vibrations due to a filling process of the internal cavities with soundproof material;
  • Welded and painted carbon steel basement, with woven frame to increase the structural strength and guarantee a considerable reduction of the vibrations.
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