Chain conveyor Pascoli / Discharge

Chain conveyor Pascoli

Conveyors built completely in our workshops. With every solid painted and/or galvanised steel structures, they concentrate innovative ideas and technical pluses making them solid and unique: the inner chamber is in top quality materials and slices of polyzen, a really hard material allowing the chain to run smoothly and with reduced wear. Available in various sizes, lengths and powers.

Equipment consisting in:

  • housing composed of different thickness elements.
  • upper and down chain guide made of steel covered in polyzene or rexilion depending on the chain speed.
  • drive head fitted with special steel gear wheel, with shaft mounted on ball bearings.
  • transmission head consisting of a cast-iron made polygonal wheel, shaft mounted on ball bearings housed in supports which slide into special guides to enable the tensioning of chain.
  • high breaking load type chain with heat treated steel links, square transversal bars (flat type for flours) made of tempered case hardened steel.
  • erection accessories.
  • gear motor drive.
  • overflow flap and limit switch.
  • revolution control system.
  • painted epoxy food grade or galvanised.

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