Color sorting machine Seneca


Color sorting machine Seneca

An innovative technical solution, revolutionising the traditional cleaning principle: technology used, through high definition cameras and micro jets of compressed air, coordinated by sophisticated software, provides high performance and improves yield and end product quality: through the “Seneca” selector, all products such as “vetches, black points, straws,” are eliminated from the production cycle and, in general, all undesired elements from harvesting cereals.


The sorter is mainly composed of:

Feeding system composed of:

  • standard charging hoppers
  • vibrating feeders
  • chutes
  • ejectors

Optic section (front-rear) composed of:

  • Lighting system: fluorescent neon lamps supplied by a special inverter to increase the light flow and duration, which ensure operation even at low temperatures
  • A double vision system (CCD camera on the front side + CCD camera on the rear side) allows to check on both sides, detecting even the slightest difference.
  • Motorised reference bar
  • Automatic cleaning system.

Ejection section composed of:

  • solenoid valves for the ejection of the product to be discarded
  • Adjustment-filter unit to eliminate condensation

Electronic system:

  • Microprocessors to control the sorting process with auto-setting and automatic sorting control. They also ensure specific functions such as self-diagnosis and memorization of different working conditions and programs connected to different production needs.
    For a complete control of functions, very powerful microprocessors enable a perfect functioning of high capacity sorters featuring a SOFTWARE and new generation sensors.
  • Control panel with 12 inches touch-screen visualizing any functioning parameters & alarms. Memory and electronics are conveniently placed on extractable boards allowing easy replacement of components and upgrading of the software.
  • Two levels of sensibility: clear / dark
  • Control of defect dimension

Mechanical Structure:

  • In stainless steel and painted iron.
  • Protection IP 55.
  • Their manufacture ensures great robustness and hinders dust to penetrate inside the machine



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