Automatic dampening controller Boccaccio / Cleaning

Automatic dampening controller Boccaccio

System for metering moisture and bulk density of wheat in flow and for its dampening. Reliable, precise system for excellent product preparation, with the right humidity, for the milling stage.



System for metering moisture and bulk density of wheat in flow and for its dampening. It has the following features:

  • device for moisture metering through the attenuation measurement of a 10 GHz microwave beam on dry wheat;
  • system for metering wheat bulk density by batch sampling through a measuring chamber on load cell independent from the main flow. Bulk density is fixed by an automatic product levelling system;
  • flow measuring system composed of a load cell with a slanting plate on it;
  • controlled and continuous operation cycle, that does not require complex check circuits of the microwaves;
  • control PLC with standard I/O card, contained in an electric operator panel on machine with IP54 protection degree;
  • self-supporting hydraulic operator panel for water supply, equipped with magnetic flow meter, motorised valve driven by PLC for the automatic operation, membrane valve and flowmeter for the manual operation, pressure gauge, filters, fast start/stop solenoid valve and ball valves for flow stop;
  • measurement of the following parameters: per cent humidity, product temperature, bulk density, instantaneous capacity of product and water, product total, water total;
  • sturdy painted frame.

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