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Jet filter Manzoni

It is used for cleaning the air sucked into each suction circuit. Low pressure jet filter, with an air chamber, with timed valves, which keep clean the sleeves. Excellent efficiency, large filtration area

It is designed for the cleaning of the air sucked from every exhaust circuit.

It is mainly composed by:

  • A circular body, manufactured with bended, electrowelded, epoxide painted for food industry sheet panels, hermetically jointed by bolts and nuts.
  • Interchangeable polyester sleeves with diameter Ø 120 mm and variable height, each one is supported by metal circular cages fitted under a pipe that grants a perfect sleeve cleaning.
  • The sleeve cleaning is obtained by injected low pressure air into the sleeves, the air is held in a tank and selected by solenoid valves.
  • The recovered product discharge made trough an independent airlock positioned on the flat or conical bottom of the filter.

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