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• 26 September 2016 •

Galileo: the world’s only plansifter to guarantee maximum hygiene levels for your mill

Omas has created Galileo, the world’s only plansifter designed to prevent the dew point inside it and as a result, the formation of dangerous, harmful condensation caused by process water.

The dew point is created by the difference in temperature between the warm, moist air that comes from the grinding process and the inner wall of the sifting channel which is made in iron and has a temperature of around 10-15°C.

The presence of dew or condensation inside the machine causes the flour to clump together and create the ideal atmosphere for the development of harmful bacteria cultures.

The bacteria is normally present in the flour but the presence of moisture and starch, a rich source of nutrition, causes the bacteria to reproduce over a period of 24-48 hours.

The bacterial count in the flour is also a reflection of the degree of hygiene in the company and, as a result, it qualifies the mill as suitable or unsuitable to supply flour for baby foods and for large industrial groups such as Nestlé and McDonald’s.

Omas has designed a plansifter that is truly one of a kind, with perimeter walls consisting of sandwich panels built by coupling 2 AISI 304 stainless steel shells, which are then injected with water-based polyurethane foam to guarantee perfect heat insulation.

To prevent thermal bridges, the frame of the cabs has been built in extruded aluminium with double sides and air chamber, creating the perfect environment to guarantee optimum flour sifting, even in extreme climate conditions, where not only is it cold but also very damp.

The Galileo plansifter prevents the formation of condensation, limiting the bacterial count in flour as a result and guaranteeing maximum mill plant hygiene.


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