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• 16 Ottobre 2014 •

Increase the performance of your mill

PADOVA ITALY — OMAS introduces Wheat Decorticator Mod. GIOTTO, the innovative machine that allows to improve significantly wheat tempering and reduce the conditioning time with consistent water absorption.

The new technology is based on an extensive research carried out on a few prototype decorticators installed in three advanced flour milling plants in Russia and in Italy where the wheat hardness significantly affected the conditioning and led to a decrease in the milling performance. OMAS decorticators were installed where the hardness of the wheat significantly affected the conditioning with consequent decrease in the milling performance during  the process. 

The aim of the experiment was to increase the water permeability of the wheat kernel by removing the external bran layers, which contain the highest amount of Lignin and Cellulose that form a waterproof membrane and prevent the kernel from absorbing water.

The result was the introduction of the innovative technology that allows to completely redesign the wheat conditioning process. 

With the new GIOTTO technology, the decortication process is obtained by a combined action of abrasion and suction. As different wheat varieties require different degrees of abrasion, GIOTTO has been developed to be operator friendly with different easy set ups that can be chosen automatically thanks to the PLC with touch panel operator interface.
 The machinery can be integrated and remotely operated by the mill - SCADA supervisor.

The mills where the Giotto technology was introduced obtained the following advantages:

  1. The wheat absorbed the conditioning  water evenly and in depth through a wider surface
  2. The tempering time was reduced by 20-30%
  3. The mill’s commercial yield increased by at least 0,5%
  4. The mill was fed with 5-10% lower ash wheat, thus allowing a higher extraction of white flour
  5. CBT, mould, mycotoxins and inorganic impurities decreased

Furthermore, water evaporation was lower thanks to the evenly and in-depth distribution of tempering water.  The milling loss decreased from 3.5 to 3% by milling medium–high protein hard wheat.

As you can see on the chart below, the flour extraction rate increased up to 81 % and the commercial yield of the mill was up to 103,5%. 


GIOTTO is designed to replace and fit easily in the position of any conventional wheat scourer before wheat tempering.

Giotto design is Internationally Patented.

If you would like to read more about the functioning of the Giotto Wheat Decorticator, please download this description.


Want to learn more about our innovative technologies? Come to visit us at the ALIM fair on November 9-12 in the Dominican Republic! We will be exhibiting at booth 36.


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