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• 5 June 2018 •

Leonardo's technology conquers IPACK-IMA: record numbers for Omas on the occasion of the largest Process Packaging Food and Non-Food Expo

IPACK-IMA, one of the major expo for companies in the milling sector allowed the major businesses operating in the sector to introduce their technology and the latest innovations. This has been the perfect occasion for Omas to show off the power of Leonardo in operation.

In fact, Leonardo, the revolutionary roller miller, unique and extraordinary, was kept turned on and in operation for the entire length of the event, allowing the many visitors to be impressed by its extraordinary power.

KERS technology in operation, the elegance and ability to provide energy savings up to 70% were the characteristics that most conquered the audience and confirmed the validity of Omas' advanced technology.

But that's not all.

The great attraction of the stand was also the magic atmosphere created inside a large black cube, within which a game of lights brought out the main benefits of Leonardo, making it the undisputed protagonist. The hashtag #millingrevolution accompanied the performance that presented in a clear and bold way the technical characteristics of Leonardo.

In addition, at the expo, the sterilizer Giotto and the plansifter Galileo were presented in their version with torque motor, together with the decorticator Dante and the purifier Michelangelo.

IPACK-IMA 2018 was a real success for Omas: the perfect combination of technology, elegance, innovation, creativity and future has meant that the Padua-area company’s booth was one of the most visited of the event.

The revolution began in 2015 and it cannot be stopped! #millingrevolution.

Special thanks to everyone who participated to the event and experienced the revolution side by side with Omas. See you at IPACK IMA 2020!


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