Omas at the European Flour Millers Congress

• 8 June 2022 •

Omas Service

Omas' goal is to maintain the high performance of your mill, reducing maintenance and downtime to a minimum.

For this reason, to the careful and precise engineering design in every phase, we decided to support a punctual and easily accessible customer service: this is how the new Omas Service was created to ensure timely and targeted problem resolution.

Through the use of augmented reality and the direct connection of our technicians with the PLC of the machine or with the SCADA plant Omas can reduce the displacement of technicians on site, becoming more sustainable both economically and environmentally. Moreover, thanks to the remote and real time connection, the intervention times are considerably reduced.

Want to know more? Contact us and we will be happy to give you more information about the packages available, explaining the benefits for you and your mill.
By getting in touch with Omas staff, you will find that they are the great strength of the company.

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