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Client E B Bradshaw & Sons
Country Driffield, East Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM
Project profile NEW MILLING PLANT
Plant plus Designed following the revolutionary “building economy” concept thanks to Leonardo S KERS technology and the wheat sterilizer Giotto
Date works commence 12/2016
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Country Italy - Avellino
Project profile Milling plant
Plant capacity 100 TPD
Plant plus Pirandello Tubular magnetic filer + Dante Decorticador + Boticelli Hammer mill + Manzoni Jet filter + Leonardo roller mill + Galileo Plansifter + Michelangelo Purifier + Carducci Srew conveyor + Leopardi Bucket elevator
Date works commence 2017
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Client Master Grain Milling
Country Uganda
Project profile Second mill
Plant capacity 300T/24H
Plant plus Designed according to the innovative “Building Economy” technology
Date works commence 03/2016
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Country Mauritania
Project profile Mill construction
Plant capacity 150 TPD
Plant plus First integrated food hub consisting of cereal storage, milling plant and pasta factory.
Date works commence 08/2015
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Client OOO Samarskye Melnizy
Country Russia
Project profile Plant
Plant capacity 180T/24H
Plant plus GIOTTO Steriliser + MICHELANGELO Purifier + LEONARDO Roller mill + PALLADIO single-case Plansifter + GALILEO Plansifter + CARDUCCI Screw Conveyor + MANZONI Jet filter
Date works commence 09/2016
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Molens Vanden Bempt

Molens Vanden Bempt

Client Molens Vanden Bempt
Country Belgium
Project profile Mill machinery
Plant plus Pneumatic pressurised conveyance
Date works commence 12/2016
Bureau d’études Trouillaud

Bureau d’études Trouillaud

Client Bureau d’études Trouillaud
Country France
Project profile Mill machinery
Plant plus PETRARCA Wheat Scourer + TIEPOLO Air Channel
Date works commence 2017


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