Omas Industries in West Africa: an-all Italian synergy to create the first integrated food hub in Mauritania

In August 2015 Omas Industries won a contract to build a durum wheat mill with a capacity of 150 TPD to be built in Nouakchott, capital of Mauritania.

The mill is part of a private development project to build the first integrated food hub consisting of grain storage, a milling system and pasta manufacturing plant.

The contract, for a total of 25 million euros, is an example of the perfect synergy between 3 leading Italian companies in their specific sectors: Fava, suppliers of the pasta line, Frame for the storage and handling of raw materials, and Omas for the supply of the milling line.

This is an integrated supply chain that starts with the grain to arrive at the finished pasta product, keeping control of every single stage of the process in order to guarantee top-level efficiency, minimum production costs and absolute quality of the finished product.

Omas Industries was selected to supply the durum wheat mill thanks to:


  • A technological design that will achieve unique performance: the semolina extraction rate for pasta making, as per FAVA specifications, will be 75-78%.
  • Low energy consumption, 50 kW/h per 1 ton of wheat and the high degree of automation in the grinding process.
  • The excellent Italian manufacturing of all machines for processing, with a 24-month warranty: from husking through to the grinding and calibration of the semolina.
  • The supply of Dante durum wheat cleaning machines: 8 420 mm diameter abrasive elements and wear-proof treatment for husk removal of up to 12%.
  • The use of cutting-edge Leonardo roller mill technology for energy savings of 25-30% compared to traditional roller mills.
  • Production using worklists for different roller speeds on different rollers, of semolina with variable grain sizes.
  • Supply of the Galileo Plansifter, completely built using stainless steel sandwich panels, insulated and without dew point to prevent any problem with condensation.

The project, a Green Field, is located in a new industrial area. The mill is envisaged to double capacity and it is installed in a new building, entirely designed and supplied by Omas Industries.

The mill automation plant will include management of the storage silos for raw materials and transport of semolina to the pasta plant, where there is a line for short pasta and one for long pasta.

The system is also complete with the possibility to bag finished products for sale on local market.

Special attention has been paid to training technical staff to manage the system and workers have attended specific courses for running the mill and pasta plant.

The whole project is an excellent example of synergy between different Italian technologies when it comes to winning new emerging markets.


For more information, please contact Sales Director P. Barbalarga.

Country Mauritania
Project profile Mill construction
Plant capacity 150 TPD
Plant plus First integrated food hub consisting of cereal storage, milling plant and pasta factory.
Date works commence August 2015
New Omas Industries mill plant will be commissioning in Angola in July 2021. It will produce 600ton/24 hours


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