New Turn Key mill plant for Omas Industries in Cameroun: FLEXY MILL e DST - the technologies that will make the difference

1200 T capacity for the plant with Italian technology: the mill by Omas Industries that will be built in Cameroun will be one of the most innovative

The technology expansions of Omas continues. A new, innovative and cutting edge plant will be built in Douala, the first business centre of Cameroun.

A business deal is hence signed for the furnishing of a large mill plant with 1200 ton capacity, that will reach the full production capacity in three development steps: 350 + 600 + 250 ton/24h.

Once again Omas Industries is selected thanks to the high technology that constantly is studied to guarantee the customer the best yield performance of the plant and thanks to the FLEXY MILL, enabled by the DD technology (direct drive).

The plant will be able to mill soft, hard and durum wheat to obtain suitable products for producing cookies, bread and pasta. The synergy between the R&D departments of OMAS e FAVA made it possible to obtain the proper grinding recipes to produce the ingredients to improve the yield of the 5 pasta lines, that are part of the same industrial project.

The milling plant will also be equipped with DST technology (Dry Scrubbing Technology) developed by the R&D department of Omas Industries, it allows the elimination of an external dirty and waterproof layer of the wheat. This technology improves the mill performance, tangible benefits for raw material cleaning, extraction, humidity and ash.

Omas awarded the contract after a difficult and demanding tender due to the fierce competition. 

Our company was still able to distinguish thanks to its unique features such as technological skill; the high tech offers and advantageous financing project for the customer. 

The excellent relationship created with the customer and the open-mindedness of Omas has led to a turn-key contract. We will indeed provide the receipt and storage of raw materials and the building of the plant.

With this project, the customer will reach many advantages, as the accurate times for the start-up and the entire project assurance of functionality without interruption. The responsibility will be for just one company, an uncompromised choice to eliminate the risks.

A big project for Cameroun. New and increased satisfaction for Omas Industries.

Country Cameroun
Project profile Construction of a mill plant
Plant capacity 1200ton
Plant capacity 1200ton
Plant plus Omas Industries is selected thanks to the high technology studied and applied in its plants. It’s planned the delivery of a turn-key plant, completed with FLEXY MILL (possible with DD Direct Drive technology), and DST technology (Dry Scrubbing Technology) that allows the elimination of an external dirty and waterproof layer of the wheat.
Date works commence 2020
New Omas Industries mill plant will be commissioning in Angola in July 2021. It will produce 600ton/24 hours


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