Gragnano P.G.I. pasta will be made from semolina milled in the cutting-edge new plant created by Omas

In August 2016, Semolerie Resce awarded a contract to Omas to renovate their durum wheat plant in Casalbore, Benevento.

The new mill, which will commence operations in May 2017, will be installed in the building currently used for grinding.

The plant will serve for the production of semolina to supply the excellent pasta manufacturers of Gragnano, a world-famous area for the production of P.G.I. (protected geographic indication) pasta.

The cutting-edge mill, as well as coarser semolina meal, will also be able to produce “Barilla”-type semolina flour, which is milled a second time for bread and leavened products, and it will do so using a fully automated process.

Omas, which was up against the most important milling plant manufacturers for this tender, was awarded the contract thanks to the following advantages that it can offer the customer: 

  1. A technological diagram that is unique, worldwide and which, for the first time, will make it possible to produce ultra-fine as well as coarse semolina without needing a dedicated area for re-grinding the coarser meal.
    This has been made possible with the new Leonardo roller mill, which makes it possible to vary the speeds of each single roller and to reduce the semolina size by varying the stripping intensity.
  2. A semolina extraction grade suited to pasta manufacture (76-78%).
  3. 20% lower power consumption and therefore, under 50 KW/h for each ton of wheat.
  4. The supply of Dante cleaning machines with 8 machining wheels of different roughness grades, wear-proof treatment, and motorised actuator controlled by PLC, plus cutting-edge profile cover, to remove 12 % bran using just 9 kW per ton.
  5. KERS technology, applied to Leonardo roller mills, making it possible to regenerate power and as a result, reduce mains input by 25-30% compared to traditional belt transmission roller mills.
  6. An automation project where production is run using dedicated recipes with individual and differential roller speed settings to obtain semolina with different grain size, without having to change the position of the rollers.
  7. The use of a 10-channel Galileo plansifterwith lighter frame in aluminium and sandwich panel sides in stainless steel, insulated with 25 mm polyurethane to avoid dew points and therefore, the formation of condensation and as a result, the growth of bacteria.
  8. The software used on the main machines is made so as to communicate work data to the remote maintenance management station, compliant with European standards for plant efficiency increases, INDUSTRIA 4.0.
  9. Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), i.e. investment costs calculated for the first 5 years of work compared to other suppliers.
  10.  Top quality designs, materials, parts and the manufacturing processes of all of the machines – all entirely made in Italy – which are guaranteed for 36 months from start-up.

This project is yet another great success for OMAS. In fact, such a competitive, high-tech and demanding industry, has again decided to reward an Italian firm that truly thinks outside the box when it comes to redesigning and improving the milling sector.

What Omas has is a bold, industrial plan, going against the grain by showing that investing in research and development to achieve higher-performance machinery is often the winning option compared to deciding to make low-cost machinery abroad, using cheaper materials and workforce.


For more information, please contact Pietro Barbalarga, Sales Director

Country Italy - Avellino
Project profile Milling plant
Plant capacity 100 TPD
Plant plus Pirandello Tubular magnetic filer + Dante Decorticador + Boticelli Hammer mill + Manzoni Jet filter + Leonardo roller mill + Galileo Plansifter + Michelangelo Purifier + Carducci Srew conveyor + Leopardi Bucket elevator
Date works commence 2017
New Omas Industries mill plant will be commissioning in Angola in July 2021. It will produce 600ton/24 hours


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