Omas Industries signs a new agreement: in Romania, the first FLEXY MILL plant of CENTRAL EUROPE will be built

The new plant will be operational in 2021. It will enable to modify the milling flow sheet according to the cereal quality, to produce different types of final product automatically. All this thanks to the Flexy Mill, DD and ODS technologies.

A new, innovative and cutting-edge food complex will be built in the district of Neamt, in Romania.

A business agreement is hence signed for the supply of a large milling plant of 150 T/24h, which will be completed by 2021.

The tender was awarded to Omas after a difficult challenge due to the fierce competition of the major European brands.

Our Company, as usual, was able to develop a “tailor-made” with its distinctive elements allowing to widen the finished products range with ease of management and cost reduction. Technology has always distinguished Omas machines from the competition and creates competitive advantages in reducing operating costs for the customer.

The excellent relationship with the customers and Omas’ flexibility have led to the signature of an important contract “brown fields”, which will see the restoration of an existing building that will be modernized and made operational again.


Customer’s request was particularly challenging: it has been commissioned a milling plant able to produce different types of finished-product with 6 kinds of groats and 3 types of flour, all of them having different grain sizes and features.

Once again, Omas Industries has been chosen for its innovative technology constantly developed to guarantee to the customer the best performances of milling plant with maximum yield, and for the FLEXY MILL which can only be achieved by the DD (Direct Drive) technology.

Indeed, Omas is the only company in the world capable of changing the fundamental grinding parameters on the roller mills during the milling process,  thanks to the DD and ODS systems, and to modify not only the "Gap" (distance between the rolls), but also other grinding parameters such as the rolls working position and the cutting speed, as well as the ????v differential between the grinding rolls.

These are very important factors for milling, that become fundamental when the quality of the raw material changes and you want to obtain very different products and percentages to follow the changing needs of marketing on consumers.


Pietro Barbalarga, Omas’ Commercial Director, declares: « We are honored by this agreement and it’s a pleasure that our customer has understood the potential of our technology, unique in the world. We consider this FLEXY MILL the first of a series of mills in Central Europe that, looking to the future, will choose Direct Drive (DD) machines to eliminate transmission belts and the problems they cause! »

Sergio Dipasquale, Chief miller who has taken part to the Commercial Mission, has claimed: « A “Taylor made” milling plant specific to the customer's requests, which will obtain the flexibility and high yields required by large-scale distribution thanks to the DD technology. We are ready for this new challenge! »

Omas supports not just the final operator, but all the company, sure of being able to offer its customers a constant product concerning grain size and quality. All with a simple click from the control room.

Country Romania
Project profile Construction of a milling plant with the capacity of 150T/24h to produce semolina, grits and corn flours for the large-scale distribution.
Plant capacity 150 T/24h
Plant plus Omas Industries has been selected thanks to the FLEXY MILL innovative technology since it enables to modify the speed of the single roll, making the plant extremely flexible. The plant, realized with high hygiene standards, will be equipped with the ODS technology for the automatic adjustment of the grinding rolls. The degermination section developed by Omas R&D Department, will enable to obtain the 70% of grits with less than 1% of oil content
Date works commence
New Omas Industries mill plant will be commissioning in Angola in July 2021. It will produce 600ton/24 hours


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